the films we can use for your project


the products we use for your projects


Whether in the home, at work or in public spaces, accidents and acts of vandalism can cause a glass pane to shatter into thousands of smaller and potentially harmful pieces of flying glass.
Security films can be applied to any glass surface and provide 24h, maintenance-free protection for years to come.
When applied to any ordinary sheet of glass, our transparent and tinted security films bind securely with the
glazed surface, instantly transforming it into highly resistant safety glass.


It has never been easier to carry out a renovation project. Breathe new life into your furniture and interior surfaces
A highly cost-effective and low-maintenance vinyl covering that is both quick and easy to apply, offering additional
benefits such as resistance to UV rays and fire.
Can be applied to most items of furniture and wall surfaces, conforming effectively to every crease and curve. Take a look at our photo gallery in order to get a better idea of the final appearance once applied.

Adhesive Design films

DESIGN ( frosted )

Design films add a touch of privacy to your environment, without restricting light transmission
They allow you to personalise the design of your windows or highlight the entrance to a space.
Should accidental breakage of the glass occur, these films offer added security by holding shattered glass in place.
Last but not least, they do not require specialised maintenance and ensure 95% absorption of ultraviolet rays, the
principal cause of furniture discolouration.


When carefully applied to any type of glazing, solar control films provide effective thermal insulation in winter and a number of other considerable benefits in summer months:
* a considerable reduction in solar heat gain (reflection of up to 98 % of infrared radiation);
* solar glare control (reducing glare by 99 %);
* a substantial reduction in air conditioning costs;
* near complete absorption of UV solar radiation.
Solar control films help improve overall insulation levels and can help reduce or even eliminate the need for air conditioning.


Innovation, technology, performance: a new Solar Screen range  Discover one of the films in the Advanced range.


This is our Lab selection with innovative products, products facilitating the organization of your workspace, it is our permanent search from different manufacturers


All our services are flexible, the customer can choose one or combine several.


décoration d’intérieure et au design, ce qui implique, plus de créativité, des médias plus techniques qui répondent à la demande des professionnels de la déco.

En collaboration avec de grandes marques de vinyles, nous sélectionnons des produits aux propriétés techniques innovantes


in each project we bring our experience. we master all the steps, which allows at the beginning of the project (design) to take into account the constraints of the placement


« To have a complete logistic control, a team of distributors is trained in the products that we propose, it can include the renting of nacelles or the demarcation »