Solarscreen clearboard

High-quality black blackboard film

for chalk and liquid chalk pens

PremiumBlackboard ASLAN BB 910, an especially high-quality self-adhesive blackboard film, transforms any smooth, rigid surface into a blackboard for traditional or liquid chalk. Its extremely scratch-resistant, matt surface ensures residue-free chalk removal without leaving any shadows or ghosting. This makes it perfect for frequently changed messages in restaurants, at the POS, in training and seminar rooms, offices and homes. The self-adhesive film can be cut to any shape and size, as well as customised using UV-curing or screen printing inks.

• For application on smooth indoor and outdoor surfaces
• Create blackboards for schools, nurseries, offices or homes
• Create A-boards, e.g. for bars and restaurants
• Restore damaged and worn blackboards
• High-quality alternative to heavy traditional blackboards and blackboard paint

Product advantages
• The only blackboard film on the market that allows residue-free fluid chalk removal
• Suitable for fluid chalk pens and chalk
• Free of shadows or ghosting – even after long-term use
• Scratch- and solvent-resistant surface
• Writing in unsuitable media (e.g. permanent marker) can be removed easily using alcohol-based cleaning products
• Very easy to apply
• Film can be cut to shape
• Neutral white back for applications on glass that are visible on both sides
• Printable using UV-curing and screen printing inks
• Classified to flame retardant standard DIN 4102 / B1